Winter hair care tips Winter is coming! No, no I am not referencing the all time favorite Game of thrones here. Winter IS coming; I mean approaching, which means it is time to start planning and prepping for it. It’s time to start airing those woolen wear sweaters and cute jackets. Making space in the wardrobes, packaging away some light cotton wear, which won’t come in use till next summers. All this is taxing, isn’t it? Climate change not only plays a ruckus with our wardrobe, but it also creates a havoc on our skin and hair. We usually start layering up on moisturizers, right from the onset of winters but what about your hair? Hair care, invariably takes the biggest hit in this frosty weather. Let us arm you with some easy peasy hair care tips, that will keep your locks beautiful and healthy. 


• Deep condition more often 

A good deep conditioning done on a regular basis during the dry, winter months, can be an absolute game changer for your tresses. Not only do they soften and smoothen your hair, but they are also extremely essential to help strengthen and protect your strands. The chilly winter winds can rob your hair of its natural oils and hydration. Deep conditioning on a regular basis, helps keeping your hair hydrated and healthy looking. It replenishes your strands with the instant boost of nutrients that are essential to repair the damaged cuticles of your hair. A good deep conditioner also helps by strengthening your strands and infusing the lost moisture of your hair, thus preventing any kind of damage or breakage. Hair type and hair quality varies from person to person. Normally a person with a healthy head of hair, deep conditions about 2 times a month. But, depending on your hair damage, one can use a deep conditioning treatment, once a week. Jovees Argan oil from Moroccan hair spa masque is made using nature’s most potent blend, that makes those tresses smooth, soft and lustrous. Infused with Argan oil extracts , that are derived from the Moroccan Argan tree, along with Ginger extracts, Castor oil, Jojoba oil, Almond oil and Cocoa Butter, this distinctive formulation treats your hair by repairing, nourishing, regenerating and revitalizing. It not only helps strengthen the roots but it also repairs the damage done to your locks, due to icy, dry winds. 


• Use a heavier Hair Sealant 

Winter weather can dry out your scalp and hair easily. Do you know the reason? Your hair contains more moisture that it. To prevent this moisture loss a good sealant is a must. A sealant when applied to damp hair, locks in the moisture keeping your hair nourished and hydrated. Some good anti humectants for this season are Olive oil, Jojoba oil and Coconut Oil. A good sealant locks in the moisture vis- à-vis keeping the frizz at bay. Along with taking care of your tresses a good scalp massage also enhances the blood circulation, thus strengthening your hair. Treating your hair to a good, intense oil massage every week, is highly recommended to shield your hair, this season. Jovees Bio-advanced Bhringraj and Olive Oil, is an intensive restructuring oil, that penetrates deeply into the scalp, and helps seal, smooth and repair even the most extremely damaged and dry hair. Infused with the goodness of pure botanical extracts along with other plant oils, such as Bhringraj Oil, Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil and Henna Quinoa protein, this oil not only helps restore health, volume, shine and silkiness, it also forms a protective layer around the strands of your hair, shielding them from the icy hands of the winds. It’s highly therapeutic properties, reactivate the dead hair follicles thus promoting hair growth and also reversing the premature greying of hair. 



Worried about hat hair? Who cares? Covering your hair with that stylishly knotted scarf or wearing that slightly tilted hat, not only adds to your style quotient but it also solves the dual purpose of protecting your hair from the tight grasps of moisture robbing winds. The environmental elements that are synonyms with winters, like snow, rain, strong winds etc., draw out all the moisture from your hair, damaging them and making them more susceptible to breakage. Using a satin or silk lined hat or a similar fabric scarf prevents hair damage. The use of wool, or cotton can also leech away the hydration from your hair. Using a good hair serum, before putting on a head cover can help fight that static plagued locks. A good hair serum, is weightless and it also infuses hydration into your hair. Jovees Grape Seed and Almond hair serum is a non greasy formula, that adds sheen and life back into your hair. Made using the incomparable nourishment from natural oils like Almond Oil, Wheatgerm Oil, Olive oil, Safflower Oil, Broccoli seed Oil and Grape Seed Oil, this hair serum not only nourishes and keeps your locks manageable all day, but it also protects your hair from the external stressors like harsh and dry winds. 


• Avoid hot showers 

I know, I know! Just the very thought of bathing without steaming hot water is enough to send a chill up your spine. The very idea of washing your mane, without hot water can be petrifying. But scalding water, zaps away all the moisture from your hair, making them vulnerable to breakage. Try having a shower with lukewarm water instead; and don’t forget to use cool water for a final rinse. 


• Avoid hot styling products tools 

Using a warm hair dryer is such a lifesaver during the frigid winter months. But using any heated styling tools like a blow-dryer, hair iron or hair curlers leads to high moisture loss, resulting in frizz and static induced frayed hair. Heat makes your hair highly prone to split ends and also damages your hair cuticles, resulting in breakage. Towel dry your hair using a micro fiber towel and let it air dry. Winters are usually harsh on your hair. Your hair needs a lot of TLC and just a wee bit of effort to keep your locks happy and healthy.