Here is why hair serums should be your go to hair care product for gorgeous hair 

Hair fall, limp hair, frizzy hair, slow hair growth, dull looking hair or dry and damaged hair. These are  some common hair problems suffered by one and all. We are always looking for that one home remedy  or that one hair care product that can curb our hair issues once and for all. We often browse for new  hair care products that are launched every fortnight or delve into grandma’s good old bag of tips and tricks, looking for just a wee bit of magic.  

When we go looking at hair care products, the options are truly mind boggling. The list of potential  choices for all our hair worries are as long as our arm. So how does one choose the perfect solution to all  our hair woes? Well let us share a little secret with you. 

SERUM – A magical potion in a tiny little bottle! Yes, that’s the secret you are looking for. What is a hair  serum you ask? A hair serum is essentially a liquid based hair treatment which is formulated using oil or  silicone. They are highly concentrated with multiple active ingredients, thus giving such instantaneous and noticeable results. Depending on the kind of hair issue you want to tackle, be it to curb frizz, add  sheen, straighten out your hair, or add volume, one can choose a target specific serum with ingredients  to that will assist your hair requirements. A serum forms a protective barrier on your hair by coating the  strands as a shield. Using a hair serum regularly can be just the intervention you were looking for. Let us  help by listing some of it’s most common benefits. 

• Smoothens 

In today’s fast paced, technology oriented and chemically enhanced life, hair damage is a given.  Additionally fast food, high pollution content, hormonal imbalance, genetics, lifestyle choices and  external stressors, only tend to increase the damage done to your hair. Damaged hair is not a pretty  sight to see and can definitely hit your own self esteem. Here swoops in, our instant savior, hair serum.  One of the highly visible effects of a hair serum is smoothening. Just a few strokes of serum, gently  applied on your tresses can add an instant boost of hydration and make your hair look party ready  within seconds. 

• Makes them lustrous 

There are a variety of ingredients that make each serum unique. But most of them do have the innate  ability, that helps revive dry, lifeless looking hair. Serums are made using a potent blend of natural oil  extracts, making them a highly resourceful product to infuse hydration but into your strands. Apart from  protecting your mane, most hair serums have light reflecting properties, that help give your hair that glossy salon like finish. 

• Tames frizzy hair  

Styling your hair, ain’t an easy task even with healthy hair. And if you are one who has frizzy hair, getting them into some sort of semblance is nothing less than a feat. Frizzy hair is has a rough unkempt  appearance which can ruin your perfectly good day. While hair sprays also do the trick; they provide  absolutely no nourishment to your locks. On the other hand, serums not only help you achieve that  desired, impeccable look but also infuse hydration and health back into your hair. 

• Protects against heat 

Hair damage is inevitable, be it through voluntary mediums such as hair curlers, heated combs, ironing  and blow dryers, or unavoidable reasons such as sun damage. Heat leeches away all the moisture from  your locks, making them brittle and hay like. It can cause irreparable and intense damage to your hair,  

ruining your hair health. A hair serum forms a protective barrier on your strands, which prevents  moisture loss due to heated tools and the suns fierce heat. Serums also shield your hair from harmful  UVA and UVB rays. It not only helps by locking in the hydration but also infuses instant hydration and life  back into them, making them look pampered and well taken care off. 

• Helps detangle hair 

Dry and damaged hair tangle faster, making it difficult and painful to run a hair brush or a comb through  them smoothly. Using a few drops of serum over damaged hair not only helps calm the injured cuticles  of the hair shaft and also protects your mane by filling in the broken gaps in your cuticles with various curative smoothening oils. Smooth hair make it easier to brush the remaining few knots with ease  leaving your hair manageable, silky smooth and knot free. 

We know you are now tempted to order that miraculous potion, ASAP. Let us help you choose one such  hair serum that not only looks after your hair in every way imaginable but it is also made using nature’s  finest treasures, making it an extremely safe and quite an obvious choice. Jovees Grape Seed and  Almond Hair Serum is a non sticky and non greasy serum, which is a perfect blend, of the secrets of  Ayurveda and the advancement of science. Made using natural ingredients such as Almond Oil, Olive Oil,  Wheatgerm Oil, Safflower Oil, Broccoli Seed Oil and Grape Seed Oil, this serum adds instant sheen to  your tresses. It coats your hair and protects it from environmental stressors like humidity, sun, pollution  and dust. It restores the hydration levels of your hair giving them an impeccable finish and a healthy  bounce.  

All you need to do it take a few drops of Jovees Grape Seed and Almond hair serum in palms and rub  them together for 5-10 seconds and gently apply it to your towel dried strands. And voilà, say hello to more defined, conditioned and silky smooth tresses!