5 bridal skin care mistakes you must avoid 

Every girl dreams of having the perfect wedding day ever since she is old enough to remember. You ask  any girl, and she will tell you exactly what she wants to wear or look like, the day she gets married.  Weddings in India call for a lot of pomp and show. The millions of minute details, zillions of check lists  and the never ending last moment tasks. Those exhausting planning sessions, shopping excursions, late  night phone calls with your fiancé and the emotional turmoil of the whole wedding experience, does  tend to take a toll on your skin. Taking care of your fatigued skin, make up and stress related acne is one  of the top priorities in any bridal hand book. Acing your skin care game, being another category on your  check list, we start prepping our skin for the big day well in advance. But we often leave some big  treatments to be done closer to the D- day. More often than not, brides go in for drastic skin care  routines to look their absolute best on their big day. Times were different when the photographer would  edit out any unsightly pimple or last minute rashes and present you with a picture perfect filtered  album. Now a days with social media and smart phones in play, your pictures travel around the world  within seconds, acne scars and skin burn rashes included. Let us help you from making some important  skin care blunders before you say ‘I do’. 

• Chemical peels 

One of the newest trends on the block seems to be chemical peels. They sure appear to be a huge rage  in every brides, wedding bucket list. A chemical peel helps remove the damaged top layers of your skin,  unearthing an even toned, brighter complexioned, blemish free, glowing skin. There are a variety of  chemical peels to choose from depending on your skin’s type and your skin’s requirement. One can opt  for a mild peel, which gets rid of just a few topmost layers of the skin or go all out with a deep peel  which can be quite a drastic yet a super effective route in bridal skin care routine. We often tend to  leave some big changes to be done closer to the big day, assuming that our skin will look fresher and  more rejuvenated. Ting, Ting, Ting! Those alarm bells are just what you need, to rethink your decision.  Your skin can take weeks to recover from the strong chemical peels. Forget make up, you may be  looking far worse, before your skin recovers and begins to look healthier, brighter and radiant. Schedule  chemical peels at least 3-4 months in advance, allowing your skin some down time to recover before the  big reveal. Visit a trusted dermatologist for a skin consultation, and plan a skin care treatment, giving  your skin ample time for any unexpected reactions.  

• Skipping Sunscreen 

Those long shopping sprees, the bookings to be done, the invitations to be given and the hanging out for lunch and brunch with your gang, are an absolute given before a wedding. One of the biggest mistakes  one tends to make is not slathering on enough sunscreen before stepping out in the sun. Sun’s rays emit  out harsh UVA and UVB rays, that are extremely harmful to your skin. UVA rays have a longer  wavelength, which damages our skin and is the cause of skin ageing. UVB rays are shorter in length and  a leading cause for sunburns, skin thickening, sun tanning and numerous kinds of skin cancers.  Sunscreen is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. We often hear varied excuses like ‘it makes my face  look to oily’, ‘its too sticky’, ‘it feels heavy below my makeup’ or the most commonly heard ‘I try to avoid  the sun, so I don’t need it’. We all are aware of the repercussions of not using sunscreen but try avoid  using it. The suns rays can rob your skin of its bridal glow leaving your skin looking dull and lifeless. So 

even if you are about to rant on about the multiple disadvantages of sunscreen, keep your mum, and  layer on sun guard every couple of hours for a glowing and healthy looking skin. 

• Over exfoliation 

Exfoliating your skin is a highly essential part of any skin care regime. Be it part of a bridal skin care  routine or on a regular basis, exfoliating your skin helps get rid of all the accumulated dead skin cells, and the unsightly blackheads and whiteheads, giving you smooth, taut and flawless looking skin. But, yes  there’s a catch, there is something called over exfoliation. While to-be-brides often indulge in regular  exfoliation, there’s a vast difference between using an exfoliator regularly and using it daily. Just as  anything and everything, exfoliating too done in excess can nullify all the good it does to your skin.  Exfoliating your skin is one area in skincare where excess usage may not necessarily yield better results.  The problem with over exfoliation is that along with getting rid of all the dead cells it also strips your skin  of it’s natural oils, making the skin over compensate for the same, causing it to get oilier. Harsh  exfoliation can irritate and sensitize your skin making it vulnerable to bacterial infections and permanent  scarring. 

• Not moisturizing sufficiently 

We all crave to replicate that flawless looking skin like Alia Bhatt, from her wedding. Her minimal make  up look, was absolutely ethereal and can only be possible to achieve by having a dewy and fresh looking  skin. Brides often make the mistake of not moisturizing enough. Let us tell you a little secret! Moisturize  again and again, and yet again. Keeping your skin hydrated and nourished will give you that gleaming  and glowing skin, which will make a perfect base for your perfect transcendent no makeup, make up  look. 

• Following current trends  

Every skin is different, and so is every skin’s requirement. Following current skin care fads which are  being promoted and pushed on social media or spoken highly about, by your favorite idol can be quite  disastrous if followed blindly. Be it micro dosing, slugging, cryotherapy or micro needling, each of them  come with their unique sets of pros and cons. Consulting a good dermatologist and opting for skin care  treatments, designed specifically targeting your skins needs is key for any bridal skin care routine.  

Every women looks her best, when she is confident in her skin. So, look after your skin and be yourself,  because on your D-day you are the prettiest version of yourself!