9 Vital hair care tips for the winter season  

Winters are rough on us. Period. Be it our skin or our hair. The dipped temperatures, frosty winds, the dry heat from the heaters, blowers and hair styling tools, play a ruckus with the moisture balance of our hair; increasing split ends, frizz, breakage, dandruff and basically just making them look lifeless and dull.  

Fear not! We are going to help you navigate through these treacherous winter months with the best hair care tips and products, so that come spring, your hair will shine with happiness and health, more than those beautiful, colorful flowers in the summer sun.  



The very thought of soaking in a tub of hot water or blissfully standing under a hot shower, in the frigid weather, is enough to bring a beautiful warmth run through your body. While it may sound absolutely divine, hot water tends to strip away all the moisture and natural oils from your scalp and hair, making  

your stands frizzy and dry, eventually leading to hair fall. Try replacing your scalding hot water with a bucket of tepid water instead. It does wonders for your hair.  


Pro tip 2- OIL MORE OFTEN 

The cold, dry winter winds tend to dry out your hair at a much greater speed. Your scalp and hair needs assistance to help revive and replenish those dry tresses. Oiling your hair, a minimum of once a week is essential to infuse the necessary hydration back into your hair. Applying a nourishing hair oil on your strands as well as your scalp, not only infuses instant moisture back to your hair, it also acts like a shield and seals the moisture in. 


Pro tip 3- USE HAIR MASKS 

Using a hair mask regularly, is an absolutely essential during the frosty winter season. Using a nutrient rich hair mask helps counteract the intense dryness of the locks, and also makes sure to keep your locks bouncy, healthy and strong. Including a hair mask, that not only hydrates but also targets your hairs requirement specifically, is key.  



The cold icy winds, dry out your hair causing split ends and breakage. Trimming those ends every 4-6 weeks during the winters is essential, to keep them detangled and fresh looking. Trimming an inch or two regularly, will prevent the split ends from destroying your entire shaft length. So snap those ends, for a healthier looking head.  



In winters a blow dryer is an absolute life saver. That warm gust of air, post a hair wash feels so good. But your hair says, no thank you! Allow your hair to air dry instead of using a heated tool. Blow drying causes your hair to loose all the moisture and natural oils from it, eventually leading to dry damaged, frizzy hair, which frays and breaks easily. 



Protecting your hair, from the cold winds and icy temperatures is absolutely important for your hair health. While you may worry about that hat head, hair covers in the winters, can actually accentuate you style game. A stylishly knotted scarf or a smartly worn cap, can not only up your style quotient but also protect the moisture robbing winds from drying your hair. Don’t forget to make sure, your head gear is lined with satin or silk to avoid any kind of hair damage. 


Pro tip 7- USE A SERUM 

So we have covered tips, on how we need to infuse hydration back into our dry, damaged looking winter hair. But what about, maintain those hydration levels? The best way to lock in the moisture levels is, a serum. Serums not only help retain moisture but they also help protect your tresses from external environmental factors like UV rays and pollutants. 


Pro tip 8- EAT HEALTHY  

The onus of good hair health, from root to tip also depends on having a diet, which is high in protein and nutrients. Including seasonal fruits and green vegetables along with dried fruits, seeds etc. provide nutrition to your hair. A high protein diet not only reduces hair loss and frizz but also leaves your hair glossy and healthy. 


Pro tip 9- HYDRATE 

Well, this whole article was on how to infuse hydration back into your dry, dull winter hair. Another common mistake we tend to make is, less water intake. In winters our aqua consumption reduces drastically. Having your requisite 8 glasses of H2O a day is super essential in maintaining your hair health.  


Let us help you with some super hydrating hair products to help your dry, brittle and damaged hair for the upcoming winters. 

• Jovees Argan Oil hair mask helps nourish, rejuvenate and hydrate your dull hair. 

• Jovees Grape Seed and Almond hair serum protects your hair from pollutants, grime and dust, making them more manageable and nourishing. 

• Jovees Argan Kernel Oil not only helps hydrate and arrest hair fall, it also helps boost new hair growth and improves scalp health. 

• Jovees Camellia Oil smoothening conditioner efficiently works to boost your scalp and hair health. It also helps reduce friction related frizz to give you a soft, smooth and sleek look. 

• Jovees Revitalizing Amla and Bael hair tonic penetrates deep into your hair shaft, nourishing and repairing damaged hair. It also helps add volume and body to your mane. 


Jovees hair care products are made using nature’s finest treasures backed with the brilliance of science and technology, to help revitalize and rejuvenate your hair. Knowing and understanding your hair and it’s needs, and investing in good hair care products that help meet those requirements is the only route to good hair. So this winter’s, give your hair some much needed TLC along with the assistance of quality products and let your hair game be on point!