The skincare routine isn't finished without a face toner. One of the reasons your regimen isn't producing outstanding results could be because you skipped this phase. After washing your hands and before putting moisturiser, you should use a facial toner. 

There are a variety of toners on the market. Alcohol dries the skin, reducing its barrier function and making it more susceptible to germs, premature ageing, UV damage, and other factors. All of this should be avoided! So, why would you use a toner? Well, a decent alcohol-free toner can make a huge impact, especially if you have dry, acne-prone skin or want to attain some anti-aging benefits. 

Jovees offers a variety of toners for various skin types, all of which contain natural and gentle ingredients. These toners are made of water and are used to wash the skin. Your skin may not appear clean even after washing it with a decent cleanser or soap. Using a toner aids in the removal of all collected filth. 

Toners are also useful for avoiding breakouts. Breakouts are caused by harmful bacteria flourishing in clogged pores, which are caused by an accumulation of excess oil and dead skin cells. Daily use of a gently astringent toner with a cotton pad will assist to keep pores free. Using various soaps and cleansers on your skin can cause it to lose its pH balance. A face toner can aid in the restoration of equilibrium. There are many different facial toners on the market, but finding the right one for your skin can be difficult. Here are some possibilities for face toner: 

Our honey skin toner cleanses, refreshes, tightens pores and moisturises and is ideal for dry skin. 
The Cucumber toner contains aloe vera and chamomile, will neutralise the pH balance of your skin, hydrate it and soothe the irritation caused by acne and is perfect for people with oily skin type. 
Our top seller , Rose toner comes with the freshness of rose water, the nourishment of Vitamin C, and the goodness of peach extract will leave your skin moisturised, refreshed, and soft . 
The green tea toner helps prevent signs of premature ageing, effectively increases collagen production and helps retain the structure and elasticity of the skin. People with combination skin will love this. 
The Skin defence neem face toner is a 2 in 1 combo. It comes with the goodness of neem and will also protect you against the sun. The antibacterial properties of neem will deeply cleanse your pores while also protecting your skin from tanning, sun damage and discoloration.