Hurray! The monsoon is here. Giving us respite from the scorching heat, dust,  grime and the unbearable humidity levels. The greenery and freshness all around makes it a great breather after the long summer months. Having painted a rosy picture about those lush green surroundings and your hot cuppa garam chai soon the reality of monsoon soon hits us like a ton of bricks. The traffic, water logging and of course the unpredictable skin issues.


The only way to combat the skin problems is to follow the monsoon skin care regime to the T. The high humidity levels that the monsoon brings also brings with it oily skin, which causes acne, blackheads and that super crazy T zone. And if you are the one who already has an oily skin, monsoon is nothing less than an ordeal for you. Everyone knows a change in season also warrants for a change in a skin care products. Let’s see what monsoon skin care routine one must follow for the dewy smooth skin. 


Monsoon skin care routine

Hydrate-  The stifling heat makes us reach for that glass of water more often than we realise, but when the dry, heat levels drop we tend to leave Aqua alone. This unconscious switch in the water intake dehydrates our skin leaving it pale and lifeless.

Oil balancing cleanser  - This is another most important thing your monsoon skin care routine should consist of. Having that perfect face cleanser  helps you cleanse the high sebum levels that are caused due the high humidity, leading to acne. Jovees tea tree face wash is the perfect solution to that sticky drama. 

Scrub a dub dub – Gently exfoliating that dull skin without peeling off your precious layers, is another essential part of monsoon skin care routine. Try our Jovees jojoba and neem face wash. It is smooth on the skin while also getting rid of  excess oil, leaving the skin supple and elastic.

Sun defence- defending our skin against the harmful UVA and UVB rays is sacrosanct. Giving your skin that much needed armour to fight, is something that is non- negotiable. Jovees sun defence sunscreen with SPF 50 offers protection while also brightening the skin and preventing cell damage. It is super light weight, making it the perfect monsoon skin care essential.


Monsoon skin care for dry skin

Hot showers-  The nip in the air, that the monsoon brings us, makes us want to soak in that warm tub of soapy water, with that steamy romance novel that has been collecting dust on your shelf since forever! Avoiding hot showers is a must for your monsoon skin care routine, as it tends to make your skin dry and flaky.

Moisturizing – Moisturizing is key for dry skin. Rain water tends to dry your skin and make it patchy and rough . A good moisturizer acts like a shield,  protecting your precious skin from climatic changes; while also soothing, repairing and also keeping it hydrated. Jovees white water lily moisturizing lotion is quick absorbing and a must try.


Monsoon skin care hacks

Tone it up – Toning your skin is an important monsoon skin care hack, as it helps maintain the see- sawing pH levels caused due to environmental changes. It also helps tighten those pores which control and reduce blemishes and acne.

Steam it out – The humidity and sweat makes sure that no pore is left unclogged. This monsoon skin care hack is a must must try. Steaming releases the sebum and dirt trapped under the skin. Giving way to clear skin just as the monsoon clouds part and giving way to the stunning monsoon sun.

Makeup your mind -  Makeup or no makeup? That is the question. Going for that bare faced look may not be up everyone’s alley. Opting for a lightweight BB cream, instead of using 56 layers of makeup definitely makes it easier for the skin to breathe. Also, using powder based products instead of cream based, helps give you that matte look which is much needed to hide that sweaty humid sheen.

Clay Mask – Having a good clay pack, can be another trick up your sleeve this monsoon. We all know how humidity makes our skin look like an advertisement for, how our skin should not look, 24/7. Using fullers Earth or as we know it better our good old multani mitti helps absorb oil and other impurities. Jovees Insta fair liquorice clay pack, contains multani mitti and calamine which makes it, just the perfect addition in your monsoon skin care hack list. 


Monsoon is not easy on your skin but skin care can definitely make it beautiful. Following these few monsoon skin care hacks will definitely help boost your skin and your confidence. As they say, taking care of your skin is much better than covering it up. Filters are great, but good skin is even better!