Men need skin care too! Oh Yes, you heard that right. We may like our men a little bit gruffy and that carefree, out of the bed look, is so endearing. But skin care has no gender. More and more men are taking care of their skin today, than ever before. You can't hide bad skin behind your beard. There was a time not too long ago, when being laid back or unkempt was considered masculine. Today women like their men well groomed. 


Men's skin when compared to women has more elastin and collagen, making the skin thicker. Men’s skin is thicker than women by almost 25%. This comes as an advantage to men in many ways. Thicker skin means reduced sagging of skin, which is why those dreaded signs of aging, are seen much, much slower in men than in women. *Eye roll*


Male skin products

Cleanser- Okay! so we have covered how men have thicker skin than women. And, although there is some upside to that, there is also a con there. Thicker skin means more sebum build up, which in turn means more grease accumulation. Cleansing a minimum of twice a day is a necessity. A good cleanser is a male skin care product, which is an absolute must. Jovees Charcoal detoxifying face wash is for all skin types. It makes your skin soft and supple, by unclogging those pores and removing deep impurities and dead skin. It leaves one's skin feeling radiant and healthy. This male skin care product is a perfect union between the new age technology and the age old indigenous medicine system. Made with activated charcoal, Neem leaf extract, Apple cider vinegar extract, Honey, Green coffee extract, Morinda fruit and Orange extract, it is just the thing your skin needs to unwind after a long day.


Toner - Using a toner post cleansing is an important step in male skin care routine. A toner  helps in tightening your pores and restoring the pH levels of your skin. It provides radiance to your skin, leaving it feeling revitalized. Jovees Sun defense mens skin toner, is just the trick you need. It is developed with special botanical extracts, that help protect skin from tanning and discoloration, caused because of sun exposure and other external agents. It helps remove even that last speck of grime and leaves you feeling moisturized and refreshed. Made with Neem extract, Cumin seed extract, Aloe Vera extract, Carrot extract, and Soya bean extract, it is an effective and exceptional male skin  care product.


Moisturizer-  A good CTM routine, is a fact that the beauty industry has been harping on forever! Men’s skin tends to get rough due to shaving on a regular basis. Using a good moisturizer is necessary to keep the skin feeling and looking healthy. Moisturizing is a vital element of male skin care routine. Jovees skin boosting cream is just the thing you need for all your moisturizing needs. It is a special seven in one formula which brightens your skin, reduces fine lines and protects your skin, while providing optimum moisturizing balance. Made with Bearberry leaf extract, Gingko leaf extract, Karanja oil, Cilantrum leaf extract, Kokum butter, and Myrrh oil it is loaded with antioxidant, antiseptic and acnegenic properties.


Sunscreen – We all have heard the age old debate, how men are from Mars and women are from Venus. We have no confirmation on the authenticity of that, but the skin of men and women could not be more different from each other. Sunscreen is a skin care product whose importance is alike for both men and women. With SPF 50 and PA ++ + protection, it is a broad spectrum skin brightening product, which shields your skin against the harmful UVA and UVB rays. It is a quick absorb formula, made with milk thistle extract, oat bran extract, cranberry fruit extract, carrot seed oil, cherry kernel oil, peach kernel oil, horse chestnut oil and sandalwood oil, combined with the brilliant of science.


Male facemask skin care

Sudden office party or stag night? Face mask is the answer to that unanswered query in your mind. Face masks for men have become a sudden fad, which is a solution to all your last minute facial needs. They reduce the appearance of pores, remove that skin cells, excess oil and give an instant boost of hydration and radiance. Jovees Activated Charcoal peel of face mask, is detoxifying and perfect as that quick fix. It is made using activated Bamboo Charcoal, Indian gooseberry extract, Parsley leaf extract, Salvia flower extract, Moringa seed extract and the goodness of vitamin C. It removes blackheads, whiteheads, dead skin and other impurities. It helps rejuvenate skin, making it soft, smooth and supple. Male face mask skin care is the ultimate answer to your day end dull and exhausted skin.


Skin care for men is not a thing which should be taken lightly. Male skin care products are specially designed, by taking into account the male skin care needs. In the past few years we have seen a gradual yet unmistakable shift in people’s perspective towards men’s skin care and men’s skin care products. There was a time not too long ago, when men were made fun of and teased for being vain, regarding skin care. Today, we not only see a change in women’s perspective but men too, flaunt the fact about how vanity is not bad, but instead, sometimes self care is just self preservation!