A lot of people move from Tier II and Tier III cities to metros in search of jobs. The fast-paced lifestyle and modern facilities surely attract everyone. However, living in a highly-developed metro city also takes a toll on your body in multiple ways. One such problem is air pollution. The situation in Delhi after Diwali is all over the news and it has made people rethink their life in the capital city. Air pollution not only causes breathing issues and other ailments, it also has a major impact on your skin and hair.

You can put protective layers of creams and lotions on your skin but the hair is mostly in direct contact with pollution. What most of us do to protect our hair is to cleanse with a gentle shampoo like Jovees Herbal Honey and Apple Conditioning Shampoo. But just the cleansing would not be enough to survive this hazardous pollution. The pollutants present in the environment can settle down on your scalp and cause hair fall and many other problems. 

Here, we shall talk about the effects of air pollution on your hair and how can you protect your hair from pollution.

How Pollution Affects Your Hair?

When we talk about pollution in Delhi (or in any other city), we mostly refer to the smog and the changes in environment we can see with naked eyes. But pollution also carries particles of soot, mold, grime and other materials emitted out of factories and vehicles. When you come in contact with a polluted environment, all these pollutants settle down on your hair and scalp. 

Pollution may cause your scalp to become itchy and flaky which we refer to as dandruff and the situation can get worse if not attended to. This also makes your hair weak and causes hair fall. Brittle and dry hair is also a result of over exposure to pollution.

How to Reduce the Effect of Air Pollution on Your Hair?

Though there is no way to completely keep the hair safe from environmental factors, you can still adopt the following habits to reduce the effects of air pollution on hair and to keep them healthy.

Take Cover When Going Out
When you head out, cover your head with a scarf to avoid direct exposure to the pollutants. Also, do not let your hair loose when you are going out for an extended period. Tie it in a bun and take cover to provide basic shielding to your hair.

Don’t Shampoo Too Much
We understand that your hair may get oily in just a day when there is pollution outside. But shampooing your hair everyday is not a good idea as it strips the hair off of the natural oils which are essential for healthy hair. Dry and brittle hair are more prone to damage from pollution as the natural immunity will be lost. So we suggest using shampoo only 3-4 times a week. If you already have dry hair, go for an herbal shampoo with natural ingredients. One such product is Jovees Herbal Ginger Spa Dry Therapy Shampoo. Having ginseng and ginger root extract, this shampoo gently cleanses your hair and leaves it soft and shiny and also helps in repairing damaged hair.

Condition Properly
If you already have oily hair, you might think that it doesn't need conditioning. However, to maintain the natural immunity of your hair, it is important to use a good quality conditioner. When you shampoo your hair, the hair cuticle opens up and conditioning seals them back up so that the nutrients can be locked up and pollutants cannot do much damage. 

If you are wondering which conditioner would be good for you, an herbal formulation is always better. Jovees Herbal Argan Kernel Oil Hair Repair Conditioner is made from linseed butter, oat straw, parsley flower and ginger root extract. It helps in moisturizing the damaged hair and gives shine and silky texture. After cleansing your hair with shampoo, use this conditioner from root to ends.

Let Your Hair Gain its Hydration Back
As said above, dryness can cause more damage to your hair than anything. Hence, hydrating helps your hair gain its natural immunity. Hair conditioner and hair masks can be good for moisturizing your hair and strengthening the roots. Ingredients like jojoba oil and argan oil are very good for hydrating your hair.

Jovees Herbal Hair Spa Masque, made from ginger extract, jojoba and almond oil is enriched with nourishing and repairing qualities which make your hair strong and provide natural hydration. After using Jovees Herbal shampoo, apply this mask through damp hair from root to tips, provide steam by wrapping a hot towel and then rinse thoroughly. This mask should be used twice a week.

Strengthen by Oiling
Whether you live in a high-pollution area or not, oiling your hair is very important. It helps in maintaining the tensile strength of your hair and prevents it from the environmental pollution as well as from the damages caused by heat styling. Choosing the right oil is very important. Jovees Herbal Bhringraj and Olive Hair Oil is free of paraben and alcohol and has the natural benefits of jojoba oil, bhringraj oil and olive oil. These natural ingredients provide deep nourishment and generate natural protein that controls hair fall and greying. If you do not want to use oil, hair serums like Jovees Herbal Rosemary and Brahmi Ayurvedic Hair Revitalizer can also be a good option. You can apply it twice daily, after bath and at night.

Be Gentle on Your Hair
Constant exposure to air pollution compromises your hair quality and weak hair is more prone to catch other problems such as dandruff, dry scalp and hair fall. In such a situation, you need to give some extra care to your hair. Be more gentle while combing; use wide-toothed comb. Avoid heat styling if you already have damaged hair.

In addition to these herbal therapies, you should also pay attention to your diet. Eat food rich in Vitamin C; it has antioxidants that give your body the power to fight the harmful effects of pollution. You can also consider getting an air-purifier for the indoors so that your hair gets to breathe good quality hair for at least a few hours in a day. Eat healthy, cleanse and hydrate