We are all well aware of the benefits of having a good skincare routine. But, it is equally important to use good quality skincare brands to ensure that your skin receives the nourishment it deserves. Most Skincare products contain excessive synthetics making them harmful to your skin in the longer run. Investing in luxury skincare brands early on can be the best decision you make for your skin today! JOVEES offers a whole new range of premium products called the 24K carat gold collection. All these products are natural and do not contain any artificial elements making them safe for you. Glowing and healthy skin can give you a life-changing amount of confidence. Get that confident glow by building an all-natural skincare routine for your unique skin.

Let’s have a look at the 24K Gold Collection:


Pamper yourself with a luxurious experience of 24-carat gold. This face wash has been specially designed to give you a radiant glow and make your skin look younger. Additionally, the botanical extracts also clear acne, blemishes, and dark spots, thus giving you clear and even-toned skin. Gold Dust, apart from giving a radiant glow, can calm acne inflammation, reduce redness, and prevent early signs of ageing as well as sun damage. Beetroots are rich in Vitamin C, which helps in clearing blemishes and evening your skin tone. Daisy flower extract effectively prevents the production of excessive melanin, thus preventing pigmentation and dark spots. Moisten your face with a splash of water. Squeeze out a small coin-sized amount of the product on your palm. Rub your hands together and massage gently on your face and neck. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry. Follow it up with 24K Gold Ultra Radiance Scrub and Moisturiser. Use twice a day for the best results.


Complete your 24K luxe skincare with this unique scrub containing deep-penetrating granules. They exfoliate and cleanse the skin from deep within to reveal clearer and youthful skin with a radiant glow. Explore more products in our 24K Gold Collection and indulge in the complete luxe skincare experience. Its fresh jam texture with its little seeds removes impurities and dead cells and provides gentle exfoliation to the skin. It helps to bring back the natural radiance to the complexion while leaving the skin smooth and comfortable. Moisten your face with a splash of water. Squeeze out a small coin-sized amount of the product on your palm. Gently massage into your skin for 2-3 minutes. Don’t do this more than twice a week. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry. Follow it up with a toner and 24K Gold Ultra Radiance Moisturiser.


The finishing touch for a luxe gold skincare routine, this moisturiser keeps your skin supple, youthful, and glowing. Enriched with pure gold leaves and other nourishing botanical extracts, it brightens your skin with regular use. For more effective results, use it along with other products from our 24K Gold Collection. It slows down collagen depletion and increases skin's elasticity, stimulates the cells making the skin firm also improves blood circulation. Cleanse your face with the Ultra-Radiance 24K Gold Face Wash, followed by the 24K Gold Ultra-Radiance scrub, and a toner. Squeeze out a small coin-sized amount of the product on your palm. Apply all over your face and neck using small circular motions. For best results, use it at least twice a day.


A luxe gold and ultra-radiant experience for your beautiful eyes, this cream works to remove dark circles and makes the under-eye skin glowing and bright. Protect against premature skin ageing. Eye contour cream promotes the blood's microcirculation. Treat the dark circles and dullness near the eye area. Cleanse your face with a face wash and a toner. Take a very small quantity of eye cream on your fingertip and massage very gently around the eye. Use twice daily, in the morning as well as before going to bed.


Massage your way to soft skin and a radiant glow and get regenerated skin cells, reduced lines and wrinkles, and improved blood circulation. This Massage Gel penetrates the skin easily and helps to delay the formation of lines and wrinkles. It’s a powerful rejuvenating massage gel that also restores softness, smoothness, and radiance. Aloe Vera reduces red spots and blemishes, making the skin appear brighter and lighter. Rose petals help retain skin's natural moisture, soothe the skin and act as a sunscreen. reduce wrinkles. Wheat Germ Oil contains Vitamins B6 and E, making it a good antioxidant which boosts skin's health, reduces redness, and prevents early signs of ageing. Cleanse your face using the Ultra-Radiance 24K Gold Face Wash and pat dry. Follow it up with a toner. Take some massage gel on your palm and massage it gently on the face using upward and outward strokes. Use once a day for youthful and flawless skin. Use 24K Gold Ultra-Radiance Moisturiser after the massage.


Containing everything from our 24K Gold collection, this value kit will give you a radiant glow through a luxurious skincare routine. Included in this kit: 24K Gold Cleansing Cream, 24K Gold Facial Scrub, 24K Gold Massage Gel, 24K Gold Face Pack, and the 24K Gold Moisturiser