Face cream for men 

Lets flashback a little, to a recent-past. Upto a couple of decades ago, there was nothing in the name of  men’s skin care. Men’s skin care products, like those white tiny tubs of cold cream in the winters or that  flat blue vats of creme in the summers were the only men’s skin care staple. Easily available at any local  chemist or general store, just around the corner, these two Indian creams not only dominated the  market but also comprised of the entire men’s skin care range. Times were no doubt simpler, a quick  facial rinse with whatever soap is kept on the sink, a few strokes of the comb, and just a dab of cream  and you were good to go. But in those simpler times, self vanity was also not a thing that came into play. Let’s get you back to the present, where men are aware of their skin’s needs and are not concious to be  vocal about it. Now men’s skin care is a complete market segment with various products that cater to  men’s skin specifically. 

Men vs women 

There is an age old debate around the topic men vs women, but lets not to get into that debate. Let’s  just talk about skin here. Men’s skin varies from women’s skin, hence their skincare requirements also  are also different from one another. Men’s skin produces about 10 times more testosterone than a woman’s. This testosterone is what helps make natural oil (sebum); thus making men’s skin more  hydrated and thicker than a woman’s. Higher sebum production also means, they are more likely to  have clogged pores resulting in acne, blackheads and whiteheads. Men too are exposed to external  agents on a regular basis. Sun damage, pollution, extreme weather, shaving are some basic factors men  face, maybe even a tad bit more than women. However, we need to realize that our skin is prone to a  lot of damage and regular upkeep not only helps our skin stay healthy it also allows our skin to age  gracefully. A daily regime including a good cleanser, gentle exfoliator, effective moisturizer and sunscreen must be followed as a part of your daily skin care routine. 

Men with oily skin type, often discount the need to apply face cream. Using a good moisturizing cream is  highly beneficial In enhancing one’s skin, making it look firm and healthy. Moisturizers come under three  categories, each having its own unique individuality, humectants, emollients and occlusive. Humectants  are absorb moisture from the surroundings and help the skin remain hydrated. Emollients are natural  ingredients that help soften and repairs damaged skin. Occlusives are hydrating agents that form a  protective barrier on the skin to avoid moisture loss. Here are a few benefits of using a good face cream. 


Our skin is made up of minute little cells. When these cells loose their water content they loose shape  and get all shriveled up. That’s the reason for dull, and lifeless looking skin. A good moisturizing cream  can help re-hydrate dry skin, and can also help by forming a protective barrier over your skin, which  helps your skin from losing moisture. 


Ok, so if your freshly shaved skin is prone to razor burns, itching it will only aggravate your  inflammation. Shaving your skin daily or having a beard, either way your skin can get itchy. Using a good  face cream can help alleviate the skin redness and itching on your skin.

Slows down ageing 

Dry and dehydrated skin ages way faster than well hydrated skin. A good moisturizer helps speed up the  skin cell turnover, thus preventing the appearance of new lines and creases and smoothening out the  existing ones. 


Stepping out in the day, be it for work, a jog or any daily activity can expose your skin to a throng of  external stressors. Sun damage being one of them. Direct or prolonged exposure to sun can cause  redness and sunburn. Using a moisturizer with SPF can not only save your skin from tanning but also  save your skin from UVA and UVB exposure and it’s related skin issues. 

Jovees 7 in 1 skin boosting creame is made using botanical marvel’s like Bearberry Leaf Extract, Gingko  Leaf Extract, Karanja Oil, Cilantrum Leaf Extract, Kokum Butter, Myrrh Oil and Tamanu Oil. Made after  extensive research this cream is made specifically for men’s tough skin. It is loaded with natural  botanical extracts and anti oxidants. It helps improve your complexion, evens out the skin tone, helps  shield against external environmental stressors and also repairs skin.  

Benefits of using Jovees 7 in 1 skin boosting creame- 

• Loaded with SPF 15 it is a broad spectrum sunscreen lotion which prevents your skin from  tanning, sunburns and harmful UVA and UVB rays. 

• Nourishes and revitalizes the skin, making it soft and supple. 

• Packed with powerful antioxidants, non acnegenic and anti septic properties. • It helps brighten and lighten the complexion and keeps the skin hydrated. 

• It helps lighten the appearance of sun spots, pigmentation and blemishes. 

• Strengthens the skin’s defenses and helps shield it against external agents. 

• Armed with Vitamin C, it helps fight free radical damage to the skin.  

• Made with natural organic ingredients it’s safe and effective on the skin. 

How to apply a face cream effectively- 

• Wash you face with Jovees men moisturizing 4 in 1 face wash. 

• Dab it dry with a clean towel. 

• Take a coin size quantity and put dots all over the face and neck. 

• Rub it in using circular and upward motion.  

• Repeat this twice a day.  

Basically just like women, men need to moisturize. But, they don’t the fuss of using multiple products.  Using Jovees 7 in 1 skin boosting creame is the perfect solution to that. It solves all your skin worries  with just one tube. It’s non greasy and absorbs easily into your skin making your skin look healthy, clean  and ready to take on the day!