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Everyone's dread is dull skin and blocked pores, and with the city's high pollution levels, our skin is in for even more problems. The dirty air makes it difficult for the skin to breathe, causing irritation and dehydration, as well as aggravating existing diseases like redness, rosacea, and eczema.  WHAT EFFECTS DOES POLLUTION HAVE ON THE

It is not enough to have good genes to have healthy and bright skin. Your daily skincare practice and lifestyle behaviours have a significant impact on the health and appearance of your skin. And developing a great skincare routine does not begin with purchasing the greatest products available. Understanding your skin, learning how to care for and protect it, and satisfying its needs are the first steps.

Reading through product reviews and watching videos to establish a basic regimen might be overwhelming. However, skincare is all about self-care and personal preference. Continue reading to learn what you need to do to establish a basic daily skincare routine for your skin type.

 According to Dr. Skotnicki the three basic skin-care routine steps are cleansing, moisturizing, and applying sunscreen. However , in todays time with the exposure and awareness an individual has , the spectrum of this skin care routine has broadened much more than just these three basic steps. One can virtue this change to the exposure our
“ The secrets are in the plants. To elicit them, you have to love them enough.” Herbal is, as suggested by the name, things found in nature. Things mother nature was kind enough to bestow upon us, that to in abundance. To realize the importance of our blessings, step out, take a deep breath and look around you. You will see the miracles you
Hurray! The monsoon is here. Giving us respite from the scorching heat, dust,  grime and the unbearable humidity levels. The greenery and freshness all around makes it a great breather after the long summer months. Having painted a rosy picture about those lush green surroundings and your hot cuppa garam chai soon the reality of monsoon soon
First thing a girl says when it rains is, OMG my hair! Monsoons and hair care have a relationship, that is a tale as old as time. Monsoon is a dreamy time, with confetti like drops falling from the sky. The change in the colour spectrum around us is dramatic. The leaves become greener, the sky displays a myriad of colours and that rainbow just
As quoted by the very famous George Burns, “You can’t help getting older, but you don’t have to  get old.” Getting older is all about getting wiser, and changing in a way; where you know better. You know better than to worry about the silver in the hair, and those little crinkles around your  eyes and lips. But, getting older also means
As quoted by Eleanor Roosevelt, “ Beautiful young people are accidents of nature,  but beautiful old people are works of art.” Our skin is no less than a piece of rare, precious  masterpiece! Taking care of it is a no-brainer. No one wants a saggy, crinkly looking skin but sometimes we end up with it for one of the two reasons. Either we
My dadi maa still has those long gorgeous tresses and a full head of hair at this age too. She always regaled me with tale’s about how her mother used onion juice on her hair. Before each hair wash, how she used make a paste out of onions on her sil batta (or today commonly referred as, mortar pestle) and then sieve it with a muslin cloth. She
“I do think about aging, I have those moments of panic and vanity, but life keeps getting better, so you  can’t worry about it so much” these super potent and wise words were spoken by none other than the  very famous Jennifer Garner. One must be super grateful to get older, because if you're not getting older,  you're either dead or you
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