Benefits of oil massage for your hair  

Having a head of beautiful, silky tresses is every girl’s dream. Beautiful hair is one of the most  distinguishing features one can have. When we see those shampoo or conditioner advertisements, and  watch those girls flick those long stunning locks or sport a cute little pixie cut, we often yearn to have  hair just like that. It not only boosts one’s own self confidence, it also adds to your beauty. But how does  one reverse the damage already done to your hair?? There are multiple reasons for hair damage. Some  environmental, some internal and most of them self induced. Here’s a list of some common reasons for  damaged, dull, dry and brittle hair.  

• Genetic factors 

• Hormonal imbalances 

• Pollutants 

• Sun damage 

• Chemical treatments 

• Age related 

• Daily styling 

• Unhealthy lifestyle 

• Smoking 

Is it possible to reverse or reduce the damage? Yes it is. We often get enticed by the multiple hair care  products we see around us. But, what we fail to understand is that, to reverse the damage, we tend to  load up our hair with even more chemicals. So what does one do to help your hair? You go back to your  roots. Literally and figuratively. Hair oiling or ‘Champi' is a practice followed by almost all ancient Indian  communities. This tradition, supported and encouraged by Ayurveda, tells us about the host of  advantages hair oiling has in store for us. 

HYDRATES- Our hair tends to lose moisture due to various environmental factors, leading to massive  hair fall. The best and quickest way to infuse hydration back into your locks is by oiling your scalp. Try  using a heated oil while massaging your scalp, it allows deeper penetration and is also shown to have  greater absorption. Warm oil goes deep into your hair follicles and provides each shaft of your hair with  

the necessary antioxidants, vitamins and fatty acids, restoring and reviving the lost moisture levels of  your hair.  

ACCELERATES GROWTH- Another million dollar question we often face is, can oiling increase our hair  length? Yes, it can. Our hair looses a lot of nutrients each time we use styling tools and products or  when we expose them to the harsh environmental stressors. Massaging your scalp with hot oil can  increase your blood flow, and enhance the oxygen levels to your follicles. Oiling tends to also strengthen  your shafts, making your hair more flexible and pliable and less likely to breakage.  

REDUCES DANDRUFF- Everyone knows dandruff is that unwanted guests that makes an appearance  when it’s least wanted or expected. Our white speckled hair is often an embarrassment we face, even  with immaculate hygiene. Dandruff is nothing but a dry scalp condition where dry skin not only layers up  on your scalp, it also sheds off in pieces. Dry scalp is often the result when the epidermal cells on your  scalp produce low quantities of sebum or natural oils. The accumulated dead skin on your scalp bars any 

nutrition from seeping in, thus leading to hair loss and slower growth. Massaging your head with hot oil, a minimum of twice a week Not only provides nutrition to your hair, it also boosts the blood circulation  of your scalp and promotes sebum production.  

TAMES FRIZZ- The occurrence of frizz, is another common issues faced by almost everyone. Frizzy hair is  basically just dry strands of hair sticking out individually. Frizzy hair is generally contributed to multiple  factors like external environmental agents, harsh chemicals, heated styling tools, and lack of hydration,  among others. The hydration of your strands depends on the natural oils secreted by the scalp, as they  don’t produce their own sebum. As we age, the sebum production reduces, causing our tresses to look  dry and frizzy. So should we just throw in the towel and learn to live with the frizz. Absolutely not! Oiling  your hair has multiple benefits. Hot oil massages are the perfect antidote to those flyways. Oiling not  only tames the unmanageable strands it also promotes hair health. Oiling helps balance the scalps pH  levels and increases the tensile strength of your strands, which helps control the frizz and reduce  breakage. 

PROTECTS AGAINST THE SUN- Heat from the hair styling tools really harm our hair. One can try and  avoid that. But what about the heat from the Sun?? But can one completely avoid the sun ? UVA and  UVB rays from the sun can cause immense damage to your hair, and the heat leeches out the moisture,  making them dehydrated and brittle. Oiling your hair, rejuvenates your tresses and also forms a  protective layer on your strands to protect them from sun damage. 

Tips on how to oil your hair correctly- 

• Choose the correct oil, depending on your hair’s requirement. 

• Heat it, for better penetration. 

• Massage it onto your scalp with your fingertips, using circular movements.  • Apply left over oil, on your strands. 

• Tie them lightly, if you want to leave overnight. 

• Rinse and condition the next day. 

Everyone’s hair requirements vary from one to another, but we at Jovees herbal have a vast variety to  suit every need. Jovees bio-advanced hair oil with Bhringraj and Olive oil is made using treasures of  nature, such as Olive oil, Bhringraj oil, Flax seed oil, Wheat germ oil and coconut oil which helps reduce  hair loss and nourishes the hair to prevent split ends. Jovees Argan Kernel Oil is another power packed  potent formulation by Jovees herbal. Made using herbs like Argan oil, Almond oil, Olive oil, Neem oil,  Bergamot oil, Wheatgerm oil, Sesame oil and Bhringraj oil extract, this oil not only reduces hair fall but  also but also promotes new hair growth. Another super precious oil in our arsenal is the Jovees organic  onion hair oil. Made with herbal miracles like Red onion extract, Sunflower oil and Olive oil, it hydrates  dry scalp, thus reducing dandruff, preventing hair fall and making your hair more manageable and frizz  free.  

Our grandmothers can’t stop raving about the benefits of oil massage. There’s a good reason why! Oil  massage is not only curative, it’s also highly relaxing for your mind and body. The wealth of oil is nothing  but a gift from Mother Earth.