Benefits of Hair Oiling 


A good hair day doesn’t come by too frequently. It often seems like a far-fetched notion. The dream to flip those perfect-looking locks, or trying that thick french braid, or even have a healthy-looking pixie cut is a long overdue desire which always seems out of reach. The length may or may not necessarily matter, but the hair quality and the vitality are, oh-so relevant! There are so many tricks or tips we come across and try in our endeavour to find that one, which will fulfil all our hair fantasies. But let’s not dismiss going back to the basics, so fast. Oiling is still one of the easiest, fastest and probably the most pocket-friendly ways of going after that desire. 


Fights Dandruff 

Planning on wearing your favourite black dress or shirt to the party, but are afraid of those uninvited guests making an appearance?? Isn’t dry, flaky, itchy scalp embarrassment enough, without making their presence known, for the world to see? Dandruff may not be an extreme condition, but it prevents your hair follicles from receiving nourishment, in turn causing hair fall and slow growth rate. Oiling your hair regularly can help provide nutrients to the scalp, and the oil massage also enhances the blood circulation on the scalp and promotes the production of sebum or natural oils as we know it. Inadequate sebum levels can dry your hair and scalp, leading to an itchy, flaky scalp. 


Deep conditions 

Using good oil can help restore the lost moisture in your tresses. Our hair can lose its hydration and become dry and brittle due to multiple reasons. Pollution, Sun damage, wrong diet or lifestyle, smoking, tobacco, alcohol, styling products and tools, hormonal imbalance, genetics, the list can go on and on. Oiling your hair is an effective way to deep condition hair. Using a hot oil method on your hair and scalp can be a boon for dry hair, as warm oil is shown to have better absorption. Hair oil goes deep into the cuticles and infuses each hair shaft with all the essential fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins, thus restoring the lost hydration in the hair. 


Protects against sun 

Heat can dry and damage your hair, making them brittle. The harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun can cause intense damage to your tresses which also leads to discolouration and loss of essential nutrients. Oiling your locks infuses back the lost nutrients and vitamins and it also shields your hair against the harsh sun. 


Promotes hair growth 

With the wedding season coming up, everyone wants those long, dreamy locks, for that hairstyle you have saved in your gallery for ages. But how does one go about increasing your hair length? Is it even possible, that oil massages can increase your hair length? Well, of course, it is! Oil massages on your scalp helps with increased blood circulation, vis a vis enhanced oxygen supply to your hair follicles. It also helps make your hair shafts more pliable, flexible and stronger; in turn preventing breakage. 


Tames frizzy hair 

Frizzy hair is a common hair issue faced by one and all. Frizzy hair, simply put, is nothing but individual strands sticking out in various directions. There are numerous factors which play a role in that dry, damaged, frizzy-looking hair. Environmental stressors, hormonal changes, medications, genetics, damage due to styling tools and products, hot showers, harsh shampoos, yes it all leads to frizzy hair. Hair does not produce its natural oil, it depends on the scalp for its sebum production, which helps coat each strand for sheen as well as nutrition. As we grow older, this sebum production starts lagging, resulting in frizzier, drier-looking hair. Why can’t we all have that, straight out of the parlour, sleek hair always? Who said you can’t?! Hot oil conditioning is an excellent way to tame that unmanageable, unruly mane. Oil helps smooth those flyways and boost hair health, internally as well as externally. Oiling also infuses hydration in the hair and balances the scalp's pH levels. 


Prevents hair fall 

When your hair cuticles are saturated with moisture, they can get damaged. Constant swelling of cuticles due to hydration and shrinking due to dehydration can cause hygral fatigue. Regular oiling of your hair, decreases this hygral fatigue, by filling in the gaps of the damaged cuticles. Thus preventing hair breakage and hair loss. Oil massage is key to keeping your scalp healthier, it helps protect the hair follicles from surfactants, by coating the damaged and open gaps in the cuticles. Jovees has a wide range of hair oils, to fit all your hair requirements. Jovees organic onion hair oil is made using miraculous herbs like Red onion extract, Sunflower oil and Olive oil, it prevents dandruff, hair fall and makes your hair frizz-free and leaves it well nourished. Another gem, from Jovees, is its advanced hair oil with Bhringraj and Olive. Made with the goodness of natural ingredients like Olive oil, Bhringraj oil, Flax seed oil, Wheat germ oil and coconut oil, it reduces hair fall, prevents split ends and nourishes your hair follicles. Jovees Argan Kernel oil is another powerhouse, made using the secrets of Ayurveda. Infused with the herbal extracts of Argan oil, Almond oil, Olive oil, Neem oil, Bergamot oil, Wheatgerm oil, Sesame oil and Bhringraj oil extract it helps control hair fall and boosts new hair growth. Oiling your hair is not only good hair care but it’s also therapeutic. There’s a reason why oiling is passed on from generation to generation. So, let’s oil those tresses because beautiful hair comes from consistent care!