Benefits of hair masks Oiling, Shampooing and Conditioning, OK, so I guess that should suffice. Hair masks? But why!? I can sleep for a few minutes extra in the morning. Skipping this important step can cost you that healthy head of hair, you dream of getting back, from before you treated them to those damaging hair treatments and heated styling tools. Hair treatments and various other factors, be it environmental stressors or internal triggers, cause hair troubles like dullness, dryness, frizz, breakage, split ends or overall hair health. Hair masks don’t follow the funda of one size fits all! Hair masks need to be chosen based on your hair type and hair problems. 
Knowing your tresses 
Decoding the kinda hair you have, may not be as difficult as one may assume it to be. 4 main hair types are recognized more commonly. You may have a head of tight curls, loose waves or smooth flowing poker-straight hair, they may be thick, coarse or fine, but it’s all beautiful. The other hair problems you say?? The split ends, hair fall, dryness, and dullness, that’s what hair masks are for! Let us know our hair more, and then make more informed choices in dealing with those issues. 

• Type 1- This kinda hair, usually is smooth flowing straight hair. It may be thick or thin but it flows straight from the roots to the tips. Styling these can be a bit daunting, as they are so silky smooth that they can’t hold hair styling for long. It may also tend to get oily more easily. 
• Type 2- People with this hair type, have a soft S formation when they let their hair down. They are the perfect mix of neither too straight nor curly. They form soft waves and are easy to style, as they are coarser than type 1 yet straight enough to curl or iron. 
• Type 3- This is one of the most illustrious types of hair, they are bouncy, coiled and voluminous. They can tend to get frizzy and out of control, but they remain beautiful nonetheless. Styling this kinda hair is no mean task as they are thick and coarse. 
• Type 4- Afro textured or coiled hair is considered type 4 hair. It is springy and forms super tight coils right from the roots. They are usually dry because the natural oils produced on the scalp can not reach the hair strands. This kind of hair type may seem robust but in actuality is the most fragile and damaged kind. 

Hair masks have the distinctive qualities to penetrate deeper into your hair strand and repair the damage. The antioxidant concentration level is by far more potent than your humble, daily-use conditioners. They help hydrate, repair, rejuvenate and restore hair quality. Hair masks contain high amounts of natural oils which reduce frizz, and breakage, help bring back that lost sheen and it also helps make those locks more manageable. Masks are an effective method to treat any surface damage caused due to tight hairstyles, heated styling tools, rough brushing, forced detangling etc. Hair masks are medicated marvels which are not recommended for everyday use. Using them sparingly as per instructions is the only way to go about it effectively and efficiently. 

Hair masks are basic hair care 101. They are important for everyone. You may have coloured and damaged hair or you may be blessed with a healthy-looking head. Hair masks are vital in hair care. Hair masks elevate your hair game by nourishing your hair shafts with Intense hydration and by also helping restore the lost natural oils in your hair follicles. Hair masks are important for even people with healthy-looking hair, as they help you avert any kind of future damage. Always knowing your hair issues and addressing them specifically is key to maintaining good hair health. People with chemically treated hair or coloured hair need a more damage control approach. Treated hair, often loses its ability to produce natural oils, thus making your hair look dry and hay-like. They tend to lose their lustre and are prone to massive hair fall. Their lack of ability to secrete natural oils make the shaft cuticles dry and brittle, leading to a conspicuous amount of hair loss. Hair masks penetrate deep into your scalp and provide instant moisturization and nourishment to your scalp and roots. They also create an armour-like shield on each strand of hair, which strengthens the shaft making it stronger and giving it a new lease, to fight external stressors. Try our Jovees Moroccan hair spa masque, made with the power of Moroccan Argan oil, Jojoba oil, Ginger extracts, Almond oil, Castor Oil and Cocoa Butter, this hair mask is perfect for your damaged and dry hair. It improves the overall hair quality and rejuvenates and repairs your locks. It's suitable for all hair types and most importantly it is free from harmful toxins, Parabens and Sulphate. 

There are no shortcuts to success, similarly cutting down on your masking time is not gonna help anyone. Those extra minutes you get to snooze may be precious but giving your hair those extra minutes, are even better when you see the results. Perfection may be a bit time-consuming, but rinsing your product quickly is just a waste of your time, money and effort. Your scalp needs the said time to absorb the antioxidantss and nutrients. Not to compare conditioners with hair masks, but conditioners are a quick repair system, whereas hair masks enforce hair repair and rejuvenation from within. Jovees Onion Oil hair spa Mask is a magical formulation, which combines nature best with scientific brilliance. Made using Red onion extract, Aloe Vera extract, Chamomile extract, Hibiscus extract, Argan Kernel Oil, Cocoa Butter and Coconut oil, this hair mask looks after the overall wellness of your tresses. It increases hair follicle strength and repairs hair damage, thus controlling your hair fall. Leaving that many of your gorgeous, healthy and lustrous looks. 

Everyone deserves healthy-looking hair, but not everyone knows how to go about it. Follow these given tips and enhance your crowning glory!