A guide to wedding skin care tips 
There’s very little time left for your big day. Your checklist must be as long as your arm. The nerves, the stress, those daily shopping sprees, the last-minute fittings, added to the general chaos of a wedding house, ufff! All this along with a million other things does tend to take a toll on your skin. Opting for fad facials, or following a celebrity-inspired skincare regime may not be in your best interest. Every skin type is different and blindly following a skincare routine can result in last-minute rashes or breakouts. 
Let us give you a comprehensive guide to a good skin care regime. 

• Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate 
Along with using good products, the key to any good skincare routine is hydration. Drinking your requisite 3-4 litres of that humble H20 a day is highly beneficial for your skin. It not only helps in flushing out the toxins, but it also helps in maintaining your skin’s elasticity and keeping your skin looking dewy and healthy.

• Exfoliate regularly 
Those countless shopping trips have undoubtedly clogged up your pores with grime, dust, dead surface cells and sebum. Exfoliating your skin regularly is an extremely vital part of any skincare regime. It helps unclog your pores allowing your skin to breathe and your skin care products to penetrate and work their charm. Jovees bridal brightening face scrub is made using the goodness of natural ingredients. It is gentle on your skin and helps release the impurities from your skin without chafing it. Using it once a week leading up to your D-Day will help reveal smoother and radiant-looking skin. 

• Regular facials 
Your make-up artist is no doubt a complete miracle worker. His competence is unparalleled, and the look you have decided to go for is going to be absolutely out of this world! But, is it possible to replicate good skin? No. Clean and healthy-looking skin is the only way to achieve that perfect flawless look you have been dreaming of since you were 5. Getting a facial done regularly, at least once a month, for 4-6 months leading up to your wedding can be a complete game changer in your skincare. Jovees bridal brightening facial kit is made using power-packed botanical treasures which help deep cleanse your skin, exfoliate and hydrate your skin. 

• Beauty sleep 
Getting to know your partner better, and sharing your dreams and hopes, over those late-night phone calls are a must in every courtship. *Swoon!* But, no amount of treatment and skin care can replace, a good night’s sleep. Your skin rejuvenates and repairs itself best, at night. Make sure, to cleanse your face well, and use a good skin repair cream before you hit the sack for your 8 hours in dreamville. Jovees Premium night firming cream is the perfect way to cap the day. This night cream is the perfect amalgamation of Ayurveda’s potency and scientific brilliance. It helps boost skin regeneration and repairs uneven and dull-looking skin. Making these minor changes in your skincare routine, before your big day along with the natural radiance which is unique to just brides, will make you the showstopper! Don’t forget, your happily ever after, begins here!