We all know and have heard about the magical product, which is a must, must-have in your skincare regime. Yes! That one which is, said in soft revered tones by the skin care bigwigs. Retinol. The debate around this word is a superheated one. Where ‘team retinoids’ have deemed it to be the next best thing after sliced cheese, we also have some people who don’t vouch for it. But my dear, haters gonna hate! We for one are all for it. Science and technology have given their verdict, Retinoids are as safe as can be. There is no study to contradict this stance. Retinoids are an encapsulated word for all retinol products. It’s the powerhouse, of the skin care field. Retinol has gained raging popularity in the past couple of decades, among the masses. Earlier it was a prescription-only topical cream used under the advisement of dermatologists. Retinol was discovered in the year 1909 and was first produced in the year 1947. It is on the WHOs (World Health Organization) list of essential medicines. The skin transformative properties of the use of retinol are phenomenal. Its wonders, in your skincare regime, surpass all the skin care products collectively. Let us go through some of its amazing healing and beautifying attributes in detail.

  • Lightens Dark Spots- Diligent use of retinol, stimulates elastin and collagen production, making the skin clear and radiant. Inflammatory conditions play a major role in post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Another supremely important cause of pigmentation is prolonged exposure to harmful UVA and UVB rays. It expedites the production of melanin, causing dark spots which are also known as age spots or liver spots. Retinoids are an effective method to lighten and brighten these dark patches. Studies reveal, that it is way more effective on duskier skin tones when compared to the fairer ones.
  • Acne reduction- Sebum is the natural oil our body secretes, which coats our skin and hair. When produced in excess sebum and dead cells plug the hair follicles, making it a bacterial playing field. Genetics, changes in hormone levels, high humidity, and stress are some other factors which sensitize our skin making our skin more prone to those nasty zits, blackheads, whiteheads and cysts. Using retinol also helps in increasing skin cell turnover. Normally the old dead skin sheds in a cycle of around 27 days. As we age, the turnover rate of our skin cycle decreases considerably. Retinol helps unplug those grime and dust accumulated pores, giving you acne-free skin.
  • Wrinkle-free skin- There are a ton of reasons, for those lines and creases on your face. The most prominent reason for it remains age. With age our skin loses its elasticity, causing it to sag and crumple. Some other major factors which include, excess sun exposure, smoking, pollutants, repetitive facial movements and genetic makeup also weigh in heavily on how your skin ages. Retinol minimizes the formation of new creases but also helps smoothen the current ones. It increases collagen production, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and making your skin appear plumper and fresher looking.
  • Brightens dull skin- Dull and tired-looking skin is a skin issue which does not garner much attention on the skincare ladder. Lack of moisturization and hydration, dryness, climatic changes, smoking, tobacco, ageing, and build-up of dead cells are the leading causes of robbing that glow and radiance from your face. The use of retinol stimulates increased blood flow and also exfoliates the dead skin giving you that rosy, healthy radiance.
  • Pore reduction- There are various reasons for your skin pores to appear larger as you age. Sun damage, genetics, age and clogged pores are some of the most common ones. As we age, our skin tends to lose elasticity, due to lower production of elastin and collagen, making our skin sag and making the pores seem noticeably bigger. Retinol increases the elastin and collagen production making the skin firmer, in turn making your pores tighter and smaller. Clogged pores are a result of dead cells, grime and sebum accumulation. Retinoids increase our skin cell turnover, which helps exfoliate those jammed follicles, resulting in tinier-looking pores.

Retinoids skyrocketed to fame due to an array of skin benefits. The advantages of retinol are best observed when it’s incorporated as a comprehensive part of your skincare regime. This magical product has the supreme quality to change the way your skin cells behave potentially. Almost a century later, and with decades and decades of study and research to back that data, one cannot deny the benefits of Retinol.