5 Ayurveda skin care tips to make your skin shine. 

Ayurveda is a firm believer that nature nurtures. The bundles of treasures found in the nature hold innumerable secrets that can cure any and all ailments. Ayurveda has a strong hold over medicine, with  a history and knowledge that is deep rooted and over 3000 years. The cure to any disease of any part of  the body lies in the arms of nature.  

Today, our skin is exposed to various external environmental agents. Be it pollution, extreme weather  changes, impure and genetically altered food items, sun damage, add to that the stress related  hormonal imbalances and lifestyle choices, they all add up to ample skin issues; ranging from dullness,  acne, pigmentation, lines and wrinkles and sunspots, to name a few. Treating these by slathering on  chemical loaded creams may not be in the best interest for your skin. Since our skin is natural, why not  opt for natural? Let’s delve into Ayurveda and uncover the gems it holds.  

• Know your skin 

Before we move ahead trying to decode how to take care of your skin, let’s know your skin type. In  Ayurveda knowing what Doshas (energy) rule your skin is essential to treat it effectively. There are 3  primary Doshas, Kapha (Water and Earth), Vata (Wind) and Pitta (Fire). Having a thick oily skin type,  

along with blackheads, pimples and edema is a clear indication of Kapha. If you have more of a cool, dry  and dehydrated skin type, along with dark circles, grey undertone and premature wrinkles, you are Vata. And, if your skin is warm, sensitive and prone to rashes, moles, freckles and acne you are a clear Pitta.  Knowing your skin and using skincare products for the same definitely helps in improving your skin  health. 

• Exfoliate 

Exfoliation is key to clear and clean looking skin. Using fruit and plant based exfoliators are a great way  to gently remove the dead cells that clog up your pores. Try using https://jovees.com/jojoba-neem scrub.html Made with herbal miracles like Wheatgerm extract, Neem extract, Date extract, Liquorice  extract and Jojoba scrub beads it removes dead surface cells, lightens your age spots and prevents  premature ageing. 

• Use a toner 

Using a toner is extremely important for your skin. It helps maintain the pH levels of your skin and keeps  your skin hydrated and nourished. It cleanses you skin of excess sebum, thus preventing acne and  blackheads. Using a chemical based toner can strip your skin of its natural healthy oils. Try using  https://jovees.com/rose-skin-toner.html Made with Rose petal extract, Orange peel extract, Peach  extract, Lemongrass extract and Chamomile extract this toner not only refreshes and cleanses your skin  but also hydrates and nourishes it. 

• Moisturize 

Using a moisturizer with natural properties helps in improving your skin’s health, infuse hydration and  helps keep your wrinkles and crinkles at bay. Using a moisturizer with natural ingredients helps soothe  inflamed skin and get rid of acne and blemishes. https://jovees.com/anti-pigmentation-blemish-

cream.html is made using power packed botanical gems like Olive oil, Almond oil, Coconut oil, Saffron  extract, Grape seed extract and Liquorice extract. This treasure from Jovees Ayurveda range not only  reduces the appearance of blemishes, acne scars and pigmentation but also prevents future  discoloration, all while keeping your skin hydrated and healthy. 

• Using Natural face mask  

Not too long ago, we often heard our grandmothers call us out to use a home made mask before we  stepped in for a shower. They knew the multiple benefits of these natural masks, because their mother’s made the same for them. But in today’s fast paced life, we don’t have the time and patience to make  one. Here steps in https://jovees.com/anti-pigmentation-blemish-pack.html . Made with herbal  ingredients like Chamomile extract, Ashwagandha, Sage extract, Almond oil, Liquorice extract and Nutmeg oil, this precious formulation, helps clarify the skin, prevents discoloration and leaves your skin  looking fresh, clean and youthful. 

With this Ayurvedic approach, let’s enrich our skin naturally.